Acer XZ350CU: 144Hz 35-inch VA FreeSync Gaming Monitor

The Acer XZ350CU 144Hz gaming monitor is soon to make an arrival this December with a cost of $999. The monitor measures 35 inches and has a 2560 x 1080 resolution. The monitor has a VA panel as opposed to the IPS and TN panels that we typically see nowadays. A feature that will be … Continue reading →

Acer Predator Z35: 200Hz 35-inch VA G-Sync Gaming Monitor

The Acer Predator Z35 marks a break from our typical updates on 144Hz monitors and makes it the only 200Hz monitor currently on the market. It measures a whopping 35 inches and has a 2560 x 1080 (21:9) resolution to go with it. Its enormous size makes it the largest 120Hz-plus monitor to date. This … Continue reading →

DisplayPort 1.3 Makes 4K At 120Hz A Reality

2016 is nearly upon us and with it will come the arrival of monitors with DisplayPort 1.3. This is all in an effort of pushing us forward to a new standard with higher refresh rates and resolutions. This new iteration of the DisplayPort interface will allow for bandwidth data transfers of 32.4Gbps which is a … Continue reading →

AMD: FreeSync Over HDMI Coming Next Year

AMD has announced that FreeSync over HDMI will be supported in 2016. The company had showcased the concept back in June earlier this year and the announcement comes two weeks after AMD added Low Framerate Compensation to FreeSync. Previously users had to use a DisplayPort in order to take advantage of FreeSync technology. Many graphics … Continue reading →

EIZO FORIS FS2735: 144Hz 27-inch IPS Gaming Monitor


The EIZO FORIS FS2735 is a new 144Hz monitor set to be released this winter. Specifically, it is scheduled to have a release date of December 20 in the United States and January 16 in the United Kingdom. The monitor has an IPS display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and FreeSync capability. These specs … Continue reading →

Pixel Density vs Resolution: What’s The Difference?

Pixel Density vs Resolution

If you’re looking for a 144Hz monitor two of the most fundamental things you should be familiar with is resolution and pixel density. Put simply the resolution of a monitor is the number of pixels present in it. Pixel density, which is measured in PPI (pixels per inch), determines how crisp and sharp an image … Continue reading →

Acer XF270HU: 144Hz 27-inch IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Acer XF270HU

Acer has released another 144Hz monitor: the Acer XF270HU. This 27 inch monitor has a 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution and has AMD FreeSync technology included in it. Couple this with the fact that AMD has just updated its GPU drivers to support Low Framerate Compensation for FreeSync connected monitors and you’re looking at a … Continue reading →

AMD Adds Low Framerate Compensation For FreeSync

Radeon Software Crimson Edition

AMD has released it’s new Radeon Software Crimson Edition and with it has brought improvements in graphics performance in a variety of ways. Amongst these improvements is the much-anticipated frame doubling feature called Low Framerate Compensation (LFC). To be clear this is not the first time this type of technology has been released as NVIDIA’s … Continue reading →

Dell S2716DG: 144Hz 27-inch TN G-Sync Gaming Monitor

Dell S2716DG

The Dell S2716DG is the first 144Hz monitor that company has to offer and we hope there will be many more to come from them. This gaming monitor is most professional looking one that we’ve seen to date and it wouldn’t look out of place in an office. It has a 27 inch display with … Continue reading →

IPS vs TN vs VA: What’s the Best for Gaming?

IPS vs TN vs VA. Which should you choose? The primary factors you should be looking at is color reproduction, response time, viewing angles, and affordability. IPS panels are superior in terms of color reproduction and viewing angles, TN panels have a very low response time and are the most affordable, while VA panels are … Continue reading →