Acer Predator Z301C: 200Hz 30-inch G-Sync VA Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator Z301C review

In yet another addition to its Predator gaming monitor lineup Acer has revealed the Acer Predator Z301C gaming monitor. The 30-inch 2560 x 1080 gaming monitor accompanies the Acer Predator Z271 and the Acer Predator Z321Q as newcomers. A common theme for all these monitors are their inclusion of curved displays and speakers. All of … Continue reading →

AMD’s FreeSync Coming To HDTVs And UHDTVs

AMD's FreeSync Coming To HDTVs And UHDTVs

Richard Huddy, the Chief Gaming Scientist at AMD, has announced that consumers could soon expect to see HDTVs and UHDTVs that are equipped with AMD’s FreeSync technology. Previously AMD had made it possible for new monitors to utilize FreeSync over an HDMI input which recently started rolling out, something which NVIDIA’s G-Sync has yet to … Continue reading →

ASUS Prepares ROG Laptops with Upgradeable 120Hz Display Panels

ASUS ROG 120Hz Gaming Laptops

ASUS continues to innovate in the gaming notebooks and displays field. The manufacturer has revealed that it will begin offering users the ability to upgrade their new Republic of Gamers laptops to a display panel that is capable of a 120Hz refresh rate. The panels that ASUS is using are AU Optronics’ Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle … Continue reading →

ASUS PG258Q: 240Hz 24.5-inch G-Sync Gaming Monitor

The ASUS PG258Q or more precisely the ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q was just unveiled at the Computex 2016 conference. It pushes the limits of high refresh rate monitors and has managed one-up the 200Hz Acer Predator Z35 monitor. This 24.5-inch gaming monitor is equipped with a 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution meaning that buyers … Continue reading →

ASUS PG248Q: 180Hz 24-inch G-Sync Gaming Monitor

The ASUS PG248Q or officially known as the ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q was unveiled today at the Republic of Gamers event at Computex 2016. With this monitor, ASUS is catering to gamers who prefer a smaller display and the ability to have a full field of view available at all times. Such a feature is … Continue reading →

AOC AG271QX: 144Hz 27-inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor


The AOC AG271QX is the first in AOC’s recently announced AGON gaming monitor series. This gaming monitor will not disappoint competitive gamers as it hits all the sweet spots by including AMD’s FreeSync technology, a 144Hz refresh rate, a great resolution, and low input lag. In terms of aesthetics, this monitor sports a modern image … Continue reading →

ASUS MG248Q: 144Hz 24-inch TN Gaming Monitor


Set to soon hit the stage is the ASUS MG248Q, a monitor which specifically designed for quick and intense games. This 144Hz gaming monitor is targeted at competitive gamers who wish to squeeze every possible advantage out of their hardware in order to have an edge over their opponent. It has already seen use by … Continue reading →

Windows 10 UWP Now Supports Unlocked Framerates, AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex

This week Microsoft pushed out a Windows 10 update that unlocked framerates and support adaptive sync technology like NVIDIA’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync for UWP (Universal Windows Platform) games. Most UWP games are published by Microsoft and include the likes of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, and Forza … Continue reading →

ASUS VG278HV: 144Hz 27-inch TN Gaming Monitor


The new successor to the ASUS VG248QE has finally come to fruition. The ASUS VG278HV has been announced by ASUS with similar specs but with a larger 27 inch display. It offers a 1920 x 1080 resolution which when coupled with 27 inch size results in a decrease of pixel density. The monitor maintains its … Continue reading →

Acer XB270H: 144Hz 27-inch G-Sync TN Gaming Monitor

Acer XB270H

The Acer XB270H is a part of the Acer XB gaming monitor series that’s focused on high refresh rates. The monitor itself has a 144Hz refresh rate and comes at the size of 27 inches with the Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels in a 16:9 aspect ratio, allowing the display to have … Continue reading →