Viewsonic XG3202-C: 144Hz 31.5-inch FreeSync VA Curved Gaming Monitor

Viewsonic XG3202-C

Viewsonic has revealed a new curved gaming monitor at Computex 2016 – the Viewsonic XG3202-C. This comes after the company had announced three monitors at CES 2016 for its XG series, the XG2401, XG2701, and XG2703-GS. The newest addition, the XG3202-C, is the first curved 144Hz gaming monitor by the company. The Viewsonic XG3202-C has … Continue reading →

Lenovo Y27f: 144Hz 27-inch FreeSync VA Curved Gaming Monitor

Lenovo Y27f

The Lenovo Y27f is the company’s second 144Hz gaming monitor in the market. It comes after the Lenovo Y27g that was revealed at CES 2016 and which sports NVIDIA’s G-Sync instead of AMD’s FreeSync. In terms of other specifications the two are nearly identical aside from adaptive sync technology. Both utilize a VA panel, a … Continue reading →

DVI-D vs DVI-I: What’s The Difference?

DVI input

First of all, what is DVI? DVI stands for Digital Video Interface and is an graphical input used to connect your monitor to your computer’s graphics card. It is one of many monitor connection types (VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort) that is commonly offered in monitors and graphics cards. You can quickly tell a DVI connector … Continue reading →

AOC AG271QG: 165Hz 27-inch G-Sync IPS Gaming Monitor


The AOC AG271QG is the latest addition to AOC’S AGON line of hardcore gaming monitors with the first being the AOC AG271QX. Formally known as the AOC AGON AG271QG, the 27 inch monitor has a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution meaning it has an excellent pixel density of 109 pixels per inch. It’s equipped with … Continue reading →

Pixio PX277: 144Hz 27-inch 1440p FreeSync IPS Gaming Monitor

Pixio PX277

The Pixio PX277 is a newly released 144Hz monitor made by the up-and-coming brand named Pixio. Developed by the Korean-American company Patchworks, the brand hopes to bring more quality monitors at an affordable price by limiting middlemen and overhead costs. The monitor includes a 144Hz refresh rate, an IPS panel, FreeSync technology, and a 1440p … Continue reading →

Samsung CF791: 100Hz 34-inch FreeSync VA Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung CF791

The Samsung CF791 or Samsung C34F791 is one of the company’s many newly announced curved gaming monitors. The 21:9 ultrawide monitor has an 1800R curve which is what curvature the other widescreen monitors in the series, the Samsung CF591 and Samsung CF39, also have. The 34-inch monitor has a 3440 x 1440 resolution which gives … Continue reading →

Samsung CFG70: 144Hz 24/27-inch FreeSync/G-Sync TN Gaming Monitor

Samsung CFG70

The Samsung CFG70 is the company’s first hardcore gaming monitor and will be available in both 24 inches and 27 inches. The 144Hz monitor will have a curved display with a curvature of 1800R. The company is utilizing a TN panel which brings with it a 1ms response time. The 24 inch version will be … Continue reading →

Acer Predator Z321Q: 31.5-inch G-Sync Curved Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator Z321Q

Among the new gaming monitors revealed by Acer for their Predator Z1 lineup is the Acer Predator Z321Q. Two more monitors – the 27-inch Predator Z271 and the 30-inch Predator Z301C – were also announced and will share similar specs and appearances. This 31.5 inch gaming monitor like the others will feature NVIDIA G-Sync technology, … Continue reading →

Acer Predator Z271: 144Hz 27-inch G-Sync VA Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator Z271 review

The Acer Predator Z271 is one of Acer’s newest addition to their elite Predator gaming monitor line. The monitor has a 27-inch large display with and 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution. This is a curved monitor and it has a curvature of 1800R. From the outside it looks near identical to other Predator gaming monitors, … Continue reading →